River, gently flowing seaward
Languidly stretches, widens, curls,
Lazily skirts a fallen tree,
Unhurried, contented, gently swirls.

Leaf boat bobs, circling slowly
Meanders through pastoral scene
Under bridges, plunged in gloom
Emerges dappled, glossy green.

Arching trees, cast deeper shadows
Kingfisher poised to dive and strike
Flirting, dancing dace and minnows
Stalked by menacing, hungry pike.

River, unaware of drama
Overhead or deep below,
Welcomes rippling rivulets,
Waterfalls swell the steady flow.

Unceasing motion, spreading
Far from source, the tinkling stream,
Grows, slows, inevitable journey
Towards the eternal, final, dream.





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