Red, White and I’m Blue


I like a little tipple,

A rosé, red or white.

A glass goes well with lunch

Another one at night.


It’s great to share with friends.

We used to do so often.

I can’t remember when.

It seems I have forgotten.


During lockdown it’s a boon,

A larger glass I’ll pour,

But later when quite sober,

I want it more and more.


Now I drink one bottle,

Boredom, what is that?

I’m happy staying home,

But getting rather fat.


‘Alcohol is evil’,

Surely that means gin.

Wine’s so delectable

It cannot be a sin.


Writing in the morning,

White wine is to hand,

It boosts creativity and

Never should be banned.


I’ll edit after lunch,

Rosé by my side.

Inspired thoughts abound.

A rollercoaster ride.


I’ll relax in the evening,

With one glass of red or more,

Watch rubbish television,

Unaware that it is poor.


At lockdown’s end I’ll die,

But what a way to go,

Pickled in the juice of vines,

My demise I’ll never know.