Christmas 2020


I’ve made the Christmas pudding,

The mince pies and the cake.

The cranberry sauce is frozen,

All for tradition’s sake.


I have no Christmas spirit.

No events to set the tone,

No parties, with my friends

Just Zooming on the phone.


Presents bought from Amazon,

No dash from shop to shop.

No Christmas markets to enjoy.

When will this virus stop?


My plastic Christmas tree stands bare

I start to decorate

By winding fairy lights around,

Hoping they will radiate.


The golden lights twinkle bright

A carol comes to mind.

I drape the tree with tinsel

My thoughts are less unkind.


A toy soldier, bought in Bremen,

Candy sticks from USA,

Little Santa Luxembourg,

Memories of each happy day.


Delicate glass creations

I hang with thoughtful care.

They catch the light and shimmer

My tree’s no longer bare.


I step back, admire my work

Nearly finished but not quite

The fairy’s placed upon the top

That looks a welcome sight.





Christmas comes round every year.

I must create the atmosphere.

It won’t be hard I’m feeling fine,

Ready for some festive cheer.