‘The Pathway Forward

This is the second book in a time travel trilogy. The first was The Pathway Back. The main character is called Xen Baxter but he becomes involved with the characters from the previous novel, Jason, Catherine, Isabelle and Sonia.

The year is 2035 and the affluent town of Harrogate has been annihilated. The cause is unknown. Joanna, her young daughter Ruby, as well as Andy, Isabelle and the mysterious Morgan, appear to be the only survivors. They are rescued by Xen, a time traveller from 2030, whose mission is unclear.

China has developed a satellite to clear space debris. Could it also be a weapon?

As Xen’s feelings for Joanna and Ruby deepen, will they find a way to bridge the time gap?

The spectre of World war Three looms unless the characters in ‘The Pathway Back’ can help Xen prevent it.