Mad March Day

Sunshine glinting on jewelled daffodils 

Bowing low before the chill March wind. 

Church bells ringing for a congregation, 

overcoats buttoned, scarves tucked in.

Grey clouds eclipse the sun’s bright ray,

raindrops sting cold, rosy cheek.

Umbrellas flip inside out, as they

hurry to the shelter they seek.

The sky grows darker, whirling sleet, 

threatening to turn to snow.

The strong oak door’s their sanctuary.

Stained glass twinkling, a welcome glow.

Inside the warmth of comradeship,

voices joining in harmony.

Prayers, heartfelt, for those in trouble,

responses to the litany.

A final hymn and collection,

the vicar blesses everyone.

Ready to face the storm again,

but all is calm, just gentle rain.