The Good Fairy

It started on a winter’s day
No snow around just dull and grey.
Jenny walked, head down and sad,
dreaming of Christmas she’d never had.
For her there was no expectation
of tree, presents or decoration.
No table bearing festive fare,
just soup and bread she’d have to share,
with brothers, sisters, Dad and Mum.
Father Christmas would not come.

‘Hello, Jenny,’ a cheerful voice,
‘You need a reason to rejoice.’
‘No chance of that, we are so poor
Mum and Dad can spare no more.
Out of work, on benefit.
They mope all day, just sigh and sit.’
The cheerful voice then spoke again,
‘I will take away your pain.
Your parents need jobs, as you know,
There’s a Job Fair starting tomorrow.’

Jenny persuaded her parents to go.
They had no hope but returned all aglow.
They danced round the room, twirled with delight.
The children were laughing, buoyed up by the sight.
They both had a job that was starting tomorrow.
No need to beg now, scavenge or borrow.
Christmas would not be a day of just wishes
There would be money to fill up their dishes.
Maybe a gift each, a promise of fun,
so a real celebration for everyone.

Christmas 2018