A Letter

Dear Page,

You face me, blank and gleaming white
Your brightness dazzles with backlight.
My fingers hover over keys
Give me inspiration please.

A letter containing information
But I have had no inspiration
What to write? I have no clue.
Ideas required, to pursue.

I need a theme, a story line.
Halloween? A ghostly sign,
Bats soar, owls cry in moonless night.
Ghosts float, vampires suck; eyes shut tight.

Guy Fawkes? Tortured burnt on a pyre
Darkness lit by flaming fire,
Plot toffee chewed with eyes alight
As rockets whoosh, boom, delight.

Centenary of World War one?
A poppy for each mother’s son,
Who died protecting me and you.
A theme too sad to follow through.

Perhaps leaves twirling to the ground
Red, gold, brown blown all around
The theme of autumn days grown short
Could be the story I have sought.

The page is full of thoughts rejected
No longer blank but I’m dejected
Time for me to say goodbye.
You cannot say I did not try.

Yours sincerely,
Very nearly
Feeling brighter
Letter writer