After Armageddon

Chemical war has poisoned, corrupted.

Misshapen life forms inhale acrid fumes.

Grotesque ogres lumber, ground vibrating,

Devouring twisted trees, crawling creatures.


Homo sapiens survive underground

Artificial light, artificial air,

Synthetic food, tasteless, colourless,

Odourless, mere sustenance; no pleasure.


Waiting for nature to recreate, cleanse.

Decades pass but only fire can scour

Then comes the dragon, his slow beating wings

Fanning belching flames; turns ponderously.


The massive tail slashes, sweeps back and forth,

Formidable, powerful, destroying,

Cataclysmic death, naked earth, dry desert.

The dragon rises, surveys his work, pleased.


Then comes rain, gentle, harder, persistent.

Rivers race, lakes, seas and oceans deepen.

Sunshine caresses, warms. Plants grow lush, tall.

Earth teems with life again, sustainable.


Mankind breathes air, fresh, pure; smells flowers;

Runs leaping with joy; explores, discovers

Verdant valleys, succulent fruit devours;

Surveys, in wonder, abundant beauty.


Gives thanks to Dragon God, promises, now,

To protect environments, keep his vow.