Murder on the Night Train

The whistle blew, steam enveloped

the station guard, flag high, waving.

Chuffing slowly, speed developed,

rattling, faster, jerking, swaying.


Soporific, rhythmic lurching

passengers sleeping cosily,

unaware of danger lurking.

The tunnel swallows noisily.


In the sound surge steals the felon.

His knife stabs once, twice, blood spurts red

The tunnel belches fire, brimstone

Inside the train the victim’s dead.


With crimson dawn comes journey’s end

The train brakes, hisses, slows and stops.

Passengers alight and cleaners ascend.

One finds the body, screams in shock.


Police examine the scene of crime,

Move victim to the mortuary.

The felon’s left clues in the grime,

Fingerprints aid the enquiry.


They find his den, caught in a trap,

Admits he killed. Prison awaits.

The judge grimly dons the black cap.

He’ll hang ‘til dead, a fitting fate.


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