A Christmas Promise by Annie Groves

This book was ordered for my book club as a light Christmas read but only one member, out of eleven, enjoyed it. It was equated with Mills and Boon romances. The only saving grace for me was the setting during the second World War and there were some interesting moments connected with that. I thought there were far too many characters, none of whom were realistic and I felt no empathy with them.

In addition the book was not actually written by Annie Groves! She had died and a fan of hers, an aspiring writer, obtained permission to write more in the same style. I am not knowledgable about Annie Groves’ style, having never read one of her books before, but this one was not well written. The real author was called Sheila Riley and I don’t know if she has been published as herself.

So the general concensus was it was not a good read and we would not recommend it to anyone.

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