The Miniaturist by Jennie Burton

The setting for the story is Amsterdam in the 17th Century and Jennie Burton captures the essence of life in this era very well. The religious hypocrisy, social status and the importance of trade are vividly described. If I’ve captured your interest now be warned this is not a happy story.

The main character, young and newly married, struggles to cope with the many disasters that assail her household. Her wedding present from her husband is a miniature house, an exact replica of her own. This bizarre choice of present becomes mysterious and then evil, as the figures, made by the elusive miniaturist, appear to predict the future.

This book is ideal for book groups providing a wide range of discussion points, the power of the church, racism, the status of women in different societies and whether people in Europe now are really more civilised.

The star rating was three out of five.


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